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We are an independent multidisciplinary lifespan clinic specialising in the assessment and management of individuals with ADHD, ASD and other complex neurodevelopmental conditions.

The Centre specialises in the multi-professional assessment and management of children, adolescents and adults with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties particularly Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Difficulties (ASD) in addition to people with specific learning difficulties, Tourette’s syndrome, and other complex difficulties.

Many neurodevelopmental conditions overlap and interact.  Thus the Centre places high emphasis on careful assessment and evaluation and also subsequently liaising with schools and other organisations as appropriate.

The Centre very much has a team approach to this, but with a case manager for each patient.

There are many potential reasons for people having the above difficulties and the assessment aims to tease these out very carefully and to identify the possibility of coexisting conditions, and whether they are distinct and separate or coexist with ADHD or ASD.


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  • Provides thorough and comprehensive assessments for children, adolescents and adults with suspected neurodevelopmental difficulties.
  • Maintains an active management and follow-up programme to take people from the assessment stage into long-term management across the lifespan.
  • LANC is the only Centre in the UK that includes within the assessment, a quantitative EEG.  This has been done to provide concrete evidence of the brain dysfunction that is seen in children with ADHD.
  • The Centre offers the option of neurofeedback instead of or in association with medication when appropriate, if it is considered that additional support is needed over and above behavioural, educational and other strategies, which has been shown to improve ADHD symptoms.
  • Has historically as the main area of interest, been ADHD and related conditions.  This was largely because of the lack of awareness of such conditions in early years.  However over time the clinic has joined with staff who have expertise in all areas of neurodevelopmental difficulties, one of which can be ADHD.
  • The Centre was established in 1993.  It has seen at least 7000 people with these conditions over the years and has been at the forefront of increasing awareness and appropriate management strategies for these conditions throughout the UK.
  • The Centre is accredited and registered with the Care Quality Commission.
  • The Centre’s approach is one of combining a high level of professionalism with a user-friendly and patient-orientated approach, being the longest established independent clinic in the UK the experienced gained over the years is invaluable to future patients.
  • The Centre uses a friendly approach and aims to offer the best possible service for each of its patients.
  • The team approach towards a patients management means that there is frequent liaison between visits by phone and e-mail as appropriate, liaison with schools and/or other professionals where appropriate.
  • The Centre provides experienced seamless, lifespan support and management.
  • The Centre provides a lifespan service so that, unlike the NHS, there is continuity of care through from 16 years of age into adulthood.
  • The Centre has a specific transitional service, recognising that this is an age when children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental difficulties are particularly vulnerable.
  • The Centre’s staff are all highly experienced with an in-depth understanding of their particular speciality.  They also understand the reality and the difficulties that can be caused to children, and their families by such conditions.
  • Staff includes paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and a nurse specialist.  It also has strong links with ADHD coaches, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists.
  • The Centre’s staff fully understand that most people with ADHD, ASD and related difficulties have a number of overlapping and interlocking diagnoses and that the effective management of each of these is essential to the person’s optimum long-term well-being.
  • Also, staff are fully understand the reality and the devastating effects that can be caused by suffering from and living with these conditions.  They also understand the significant benefits that can be brought by carefully fine-tuned effective management.

Online Study

Invitation to participate in an online survey for those who were diagnosed with ADHD/ADD before age 18, are between 18-40 and have no knowledge of any high pervasive impact disorders (Autism, Asperger’s, Personality Disorders).

Online Study

If you meet the criteria outlined and wish to participate, please click on the link below to complete this anonymous and confidential 10 minute survey.

This study has full ethical approval and aims to examine the potential differences between self and public stigma concerns in disclosures versus non-disclosures of ADHD/ADD. Additional information is outlined on the first page of the survey.

Take the Survey

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