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LANCuk are an administrative centre who supports a team of mulit-disciplinary professionals to provide assessment and management of individuals with ADHD, ASD and other complex neurodevelopmental conditions.

The professionals we support administratively, specialise in the multi-professional assessment and management of children, adolescents and adults with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties particularly Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Difficulties (ASD), Tourette’s syndrome, and other difficulties.

Many neurodevelopmental conditions overlap and interact.  Thus the professionals places high emphasis on careful assessment and evaluation and also subsequently liaising with schools and other organisations as appropriate.

The professionals very much have a team approach to this. There are many potential reasons for people having the above difficulties and the assessment aims to tease these out very carefully and to identify the possibility of coexisting conditions, and whether they are distinct and separate or coexist with ADHD or ASD.


Children’s Services

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Adults Services

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  • Provides administrative support to professionals to provide thorough and comprehensive assessments for children, adolescents and adults with suspected neurodevelopmental difficulties.
  • Maintains an active management and follow-up programme to take people from the assessment stage into long-term management across the lifespan.
  • Has historically as the main area of interest, been ADHD and related conditions.  This was largely because of the lack of awareness of such conditions in early years.  However over time LANCuk has supported professionals who have expertise in all areas of neurodevelopmental difficulties, one of which can be ADHD.
  • LANCuk was established in 1993.  It has seen at least 20000 people with these conditions over the years and has been at the forefront of increasing awareness and appropriate management strategies for these conditions throughout the UK.
  • The approach of the professionals that LANCuk support, is one of combining a high level of professionalism with a user-friendly and patient-orientated approach.
  • The professionals that LANCuk support use a friendly approach and aims to offer the best possible service for each of its patients.
  • The team approach towards a patients management means that there is frequent liaison between visits by phone and e-mail as appropriate, liaison with schools and/or other professionals where appropriate.
  • The professionals that LANCuk support provide a lifespan service so that, unlike the NHS, there is continuity of care through from 16 years of age into adulthood.
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