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LANCuk was established by Dr Geoff Kewley, Consultant Paediatrician in 1993.  Having been a general paediatrician in Australia for 16 years and then in NHS as a general paediatrician for six years, he started LANCuk out of concern at the lack of appropriate service provision in the UK at that time for the assessment and management of children with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties particularly ADHD.

More than 20000 children, adolescents and adults have been assessed and managed by staff supported by LANCuk since 1993.  Currently, approximately 60 new patients from all over the country and overseas are assessed annually.  Approximately 2000 patients are on our current long-term management programme.

The professionals supported by LANCuk have developed a national reputation for their ability to assess and manage children, adolescents and adults with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties.  The professionals have been seen as providing experienced and thorough assessments in a highly professional yet user friendly and supportive way.

Assessment is not just a quick consultation, but instead a measured and thoughtful approach is taken over several hours.  The child and family are assessed looking at not only social and educational factors but also the possibility of biological issues.  Thus great time is taken over the consultation and also much information collated prior to the assessment.

Information is requested from schools with parental consent, prior to any assessment via our teacher feedback form and previous school reports and other assessments where appropriate.  Following assessment there is, subject to parental consent, ongoing liaison with schools.  This is to support the school with appropriate educational strategies.

Over the last 30 years.

More than 20000 children, adolescents and adults assessed by professionals supported by LANCuk.

From all over the country and overseas

Currently, approximately 60 new patients are assessed annually.

Long-term management programme.

Professionals supported by LANCuk oversee approximately 2000 patients.

The professionals supported by LANCuk offer a range of strategies in the management of children with neurodevelopmental difficulties.  Key amongst them are educational, behavioural and social supports where appropriate.  The professionals supported by LANCuk also support, where appropriate, carefully fine-tuned medication to generally help with poor ADHD symptoms in keeping with the guidelines of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

There is also evidence that in a number of children medication dosage can be lowered.  This service is now provided by professionals supported by LANCuk, as part of the range of strategies available for the management of people with ADHD.

The range of professionals supported by LANCuk include psychologists, paediatricians, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrists, specialist nurse prescribers, consultant adult psychiatrists, and between them they are able to operate a lifespan seamless service.  The lifespan approach in the management of these conditions has been validated by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Professionals supported by LANCuk have long recognised that adults with ADHD can suffer from a wide range of difficulties.  Many adults are still seen who have transitioned from the children service.

Other adults are seen as new referrals because of their difficulties with the core ADD/ADHD symptoms of inattentiveness, impulsiveness or hyperactivity and/or because of the associated difficulties or coexisting conditions that have been exacerbated by their life’s pathways.

They may have underachieved academically, socially or in life generally and are often very bright but they are extremely frustrated by their underachievement.  It may have affected their job prospects, their relationships or their self-esteem and organisational abilities.

Parents of the children seen often realise that they themselves may have ADHD and may have experienced some of their own life difficulties.

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