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Occupational Therapy

Following an occupational therapy assessment, there are wide range of options available depending on the identified needs of the child.


The exact nature and amount of therapy provided will depend on the child’s needs. It could be in the form of:

  • Direct individual therapy sessions – minimum of 8 sessions is recommended. Goals are agreed and set and reviewed at the end of the block of sessions
  • The type of therapy used will be specific to the child. The OT is able to choose from a range of therapy approaches to make sure that the right one is chosen for your child.
  • These sessions would take place in your home and / or the child’s school.
  • Use of home and school programmes to integrate treatment activities into real life environments. The OT may do a session with the child’s TA and/or parent to support the implementation of the programme
  • Bespoke consultation and training to key individuals working with a child (e.g. school staff)


The OT service can support the child, parents and schools over time as well as monitor progress.

This may lead to an adjustment of the programme and re-setting of goals as needed.

More Information

If you would like more information about occupational therapy.

Please contact us on
info@lanc.uk.com or 01403 240002


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