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ADHD Assessment for Adults


  •  The individuals will need to be referred to the Centre by their GP.
  • We encourage patients and/or their parents/partners to phone the Centre prior to the assessment to discuss with our staff what will be involved, what the expectations of the assessment are, and to arrange to forward to us any previous reports.
  • There are formalities to be completed such as agreeing to the Centre’s terms and conditions, discussing funding and possible health insurance involvement, and answering any pertinent questions.
  • The family will be sent a few forms for completion prior to an assessment taking place.


The clinical assessment is to ascertain whether or not the individual has ADHD,  specific learning difficulties or any other neurodevelopmental difficulties.

The assessment procedure for adults involves:

Clinical Interview The initial assessment will take place with Adult Psychiatrist.  The assessment is spent looking at all aspects of possible ADHD, neurodevelopmental difficulties, and will discuss whether a diagnosis is appropriate or not.  Having come to a conclusion regarding a possible diagnosis, a management plan will then be discussed.  Management options include behavioural management, medication, neurofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy.  Following the completion of an assessment, a full report will be written to the referring GP which will also be copied to the patient.

Cognitive Assessment   In some situations, it may be felt that a cognitive assessment would be appropriate.  If this is the case, it will take place with clinical psychologist typically taking two hours to complete.  This involves the use of the Brown rating scales, taking of the history, assessment of emotional status, cognitive evaluation, and Connor’s computerised test of concentration.

Long Term Management A follow up appointment is arranged as appropriate and arrangements for more frequent contact if necessary by phone or email between appointments.

More Information

If you would like more information about our adult assessments.

Please contact us on or 01403 240002


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Online Study

Invitation to participate in an online survey for those who were diagnosed with ADHD/ADD before age 18, are between 18-40 and have no knowledge of any high pervasive impact disorders (Autism, Asperger’s, Personality Disorders).

Online Study

If you meet the criteria outlined and wish to participate, please click on the link below to complete this anonymous and confidential 10 minute survey.

This study has full ethical approval and aims to examine the potential differences between self and public stigma concerns in disclosures versus non-disclosures of ADHD/ADD. Additional information is outlined on the first page of the survey.

Take the Survey

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