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Cogmed is a computer based memory training program for both children and adults and is made up of 25 sessions that aim to improve your working memory capacity. Throughout the program, the software adapts to your ability, meaning it increases in difficulty as your performance improves, but drops if you’re finding it too difficult.

Each individual is assigned a ‘Coach’ who will support you through the training to maintain structure and motivation. Prior to the start of training, a discussion will take place between the coach and the individual to determine expectations and goals that they wish to achieve from Cogmed training. Cogmed is a computer program that can be carried out at the LANC or in your own home.

Working memory is the ability to hold information in your mind for a short amount of time (secs) and the ability to use this information in your thinking. We use our working memory in many aspects of our lives, such as learning. Other examples include remembering multi-step instructions and reading comprehension.

Each of us have our own working memory capacity, which is specific to each individual; some can hold a large amount of information, some a smaller amount. Those with a small working memory capacity are likely to have difficulties when their memory is overloaded or perhaps when they are distracted.

Research studies using Cogmed working memory training have consistently found that on completion, 80% have significantly improved their working memory capacity. Results have also shown that there are improvements in attention, learning in the classroom, the ability to reason, controlling impulsive behaviours, non-verbal problem solving, reading comprehension and mathematical problem solving.

If you are interested in Cogmed Working Memory training or would like a demonstration of the program, please let us know on reception@lanc.uk.com or call us on 01403 240002.


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