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Sleep Assessment for Children

Lanc UKSleep Assessment for Children

What Are Sleep Difficulties?

Sleep difficulties can include problems with falling asleep, night waking, sleep walking, night terrors, early waking and specific sleep disorders.  Sleep difficulties can occur in any child or adolescent and can lead to severe sleep deprivation which can effect concentration and daytime behaviour.

What Can A Sleep Assessment Identify?

A sleep assessment can identify sleep disorders, difficulties with falling asleep, night waking, sleep walking, night terrors and early waking.

The aim of the assessment is to understand where the difficulties are and to improve the quality of sleep for child and family.

Prior To The Assessment

We would ask that a sleep diary is kept for two weeks prior to the initial appointment. When attending the appointment please bring details of any medication that the child may be on.

What Happens During An Assessment?

A sleep assessment is about an hour long and you will be asked lots of questions about your sleep this will help us to identify any sleep disorders and provide us with the information needed to create a sleep management programme.

What Happens After An Assessment?

Following the full sleep assessment your individual sleep management programme will be sent to you by either email or royal mail. We will then support you with the implementation of this programme by two follow up telephone appointments these will be arranged for a mutually convenient time.

The Sleep Package

The Sleep Package includes:

  •  Full sleep assessment – 1 hour appointment at our clinic
  • Individual sleep management programme
  • Two follow up telephone calls

Additional follow up telephone calls or face to face appointments can be arranged at extra cost.

For more information, please contact us on 01403 240002 or

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