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LANC At Harrow Learning and Development Exhibition

The Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre will be having a stand at the Harrow Learning and Development Exhibition on Sunday 17th March 2013.  Stands will be covering a wide range of areas including concentration, auditory processing, self-esteem, inclusion, organisation, visual processing as well as many more. For more information, please see the poster below or click

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Article Published in the “ADHD in Practice”

Dr Kewley and Hannah Wachnianin have recently written an article about ADHD and giftedness which has been published in this autumns “ADHD in Practice.”  The article discuss’ the role of ADHD and intelligence, the ability to hyperfocus, defining giftedness, misdiagnosis and the relevance of IQ scores. Many gifted people with ADHD gravitate towards the average,

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Dr Rutterford’s Letter in West Sussex County Times

Dr Rutterford recently wrote to the West Sussex County Times informing readers of ADHD awareness week and the holistic assessment process that the Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre takes. To read the article, please click here.

UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

A member of our team recently attended a UKAAN workshop, which provided training in psychological treatment for ADHD adolescents and adults. The workshop introduced the ‘Young-Bramham Programme’, a client-centred modular program based on the latest findings in the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy field. This CBT treatment is for ADHD symptoms: inattention and memory problems, time management,

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Research Activity by Dr Neil Rutterford

Over the past 7 years Dr. Rutterford has held academic positions at a number of UK universities. His previous roles have included working as a Lecturer in Psychology and also Head of School of Psychology and Counselling. His current academic roles include being external examiner on the MSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology course at Swansea

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Neurofeedback Research at LANC

Hannah Wachnianin is one of our Assistant Psychologists at the Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre.  Hannah is also a PhD student at the University of East Anglia, supervised by Dr Neil Rutterford and Professor Philip Corr. Hannah’s research is examining the effectiveness of neurofeedback home training on concentration abilities, impulsiveness and response to rewards. Neurofeedback

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ADHD Awareness Week Preventing Overdiagnosis

An article published in the British Medical Journal has argued that there is mounting evidence that medicine and early detection is harming healthy individuals. Overdiagnosis is referring to an occasion when a person without symptoms is diagnosed and treated for a condition, including mental health conditions, which will cause them no harm.  The article includes

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ADHD Awareness Week What Alternatives Are There For Non-medication Treatment of ADD/ADHD?

A recent article in the Journal of Attention Disorders added to the valuable literature concerning the effectiveness of non-pharmacological treatments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A systematic review including 625 participants and 7 treatments was carried out. These were behaviour modification (e.g. token economy reward programme), neurofeedback therapy, multimodal psychosocial treatment, school-based programs, working

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ADHD Awareness Week – Teens, Hormones and ADHD

For any individual, becoming a teenager is a difficult time.  Our metabolic rate changes, we experience growth spurts, our reproduction organs develop and our hormones affect our mood.  However, this can be an even more difficult time for individuals with ADHD. The hormones we produce during puberty can affect someone’s ADHD symptoms including increased moodiness,

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ADHD Awareness Week Dr Kewley Talks At ADDISS Conference

ADDISS is a charity that provides information, training and support for parents, sufferers and professionals in the fields of ADHD and related learning and behavioural difficulties.  This weekend ADDISS are having their 10th International conference at which our own Dr Kewley will be a speaker. Dr Kewley will be discussing a personal interest of his;

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