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Tips For Adults With ADHD

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1.  Money management.  Adults with ADHD tend to impulsively buy things rather than thinking about their needs.  Try to budget each month by writing how much money you will earn, what bills you will need to pay, some put aside for savings and how much money will be left for enjoyment.  Ensure that this budget to stuck to to avoid financial difficulties.

2.  Time management and organisation.  Find strategies to help you be organised.  Put your clocks forward by 10 minutes to ensure you are early and not late.  Use reminders on a phone or calendar for any appointments.  Write a list of what you need each day and check this before leaving the house.  Make this the year that you are the first to the office rather than the last.

3.   Employment.  Some adults with ADHD go from one job to another within a quick succession.  Try to find a career that is of interest to you and motivates you.  This way you are more likely to stick at it and be successful.

4.   Driving.  Young adults with ADHD have been shown to be more likely to have an accident when driving than an individual without ADHD.  If you take any medication to assist your ADHD symptoms, ensure that this is always taken if you intend to drive that day.  This will help you to be safer and less impulsive, and consequently be a safer driver, less likely to speed and less likely to be involved in an accident.


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